Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Venice and its Lagoon

My friend Hao lives in Venice and she is a photograher also a big fan of Postcrossing. She have sent me some nice postcards to share with me the beautiful city, the amazing lagoon and the famous carnival. Many of my friends know I like Europa stamps so Hao is kind enough to buy these fantastic stamps on my cards. Thank you very much! :) The maximum card of the Piazza San Marco was also made by her, with a nice philatelic cancellation of Venice on it - a very good job indeed. The "Venice and its Lagoon" has been a World Cultural Heritage Site since 1987.
I have never been to Venice but get a little impression of the city from my trips to Macau. "The Venetian Macao"  is a famous resort hotel, inside which there is a small man-made city similar to Venice, very interesting. But I am still looking forward to my trip to the real one. :)
You are also welcome to visit Hao's website to see her photos, thanks. :)

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