Monday, October 28, 2013


One day I came across a profile on Facebook called “Starring you”. It is said if you leave your address you will have a change to receive a postcard sent from their travelling around the world. So I sent a message because I was very curious at that time. Just today I found a surprising postcard in my letter box. It was sent from Tirana, the capital of Albania! This is my first card from there, thank you so much Michael! It was indeed decorated with many stars drawn by Michael, very special “Starring you”. :) 

About “Starring you”, you may find the information here:
It is a very meaningful project to my mind, as I miss the days when we communicate by snail mails, not electronic messages. If you would like to show you gratitude when getting their cards, you may just simply help them send some cards from your country to other friends.

About the postcard, it shows a beautiful night view of the fountain in Taiwan Center (sounds very interesting to me...) located in Rinia Park, just south of Skanderbeg Square in downtown Tirana. Taiwan Center is one of Tirana's most modern and frequented restaurants and spare time facilities. Rinia Park, on the other side, is the central public park of Tirana, built in 1950 during the socialist system of government,covers an area of 29.81 hectares.

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