Friday, July 26, 2013

Pirin National Park

Pirin, the second highest mountains in Bulgaria and the eighth highest in Europe, are located in southwestern Bulgaria, as you see from a small map on the backside of the postcard. The range extends about 40 km northwest-southeast, and about 25 km wide. In the most beautiful, majestic and visited part of Pirin, between the localities Predel and Todorova Polyana lies the Pirin National Park which was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list in 1983 as a unique nature entity. The establishment of the park, initially in 1962, is to preserve the unique biodiversity and spectacular natural formations in the mountains. Thank you very much Irina for the gorgeous postcard and the beautiful stamps! The card shows some photos of amazing landscape of the Pirin National Park and the flower in the middle of which is called Edelweiss, a well known symbol of mountaineering, and here a symbol of Pirin too.

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