Saturday, July 27, 2013

Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks

The Canadian Rockies, including many contiguous national and provincial parks studded with mountain peaks, glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, canyons and limestone caves, was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list in 1984 as a striking mountain landscape. Among which, the Banff National Park is the Canada’s oldest one established in the 1880’s and it is one of the most visited parks in the world. These postcards mainly show amazing landscape in the Banff National Park, such as the Lake Louise (on the first card and bottom right of the last card), the Valley of the Ten Peaks (on the second card), the Moraine Lake (on the third card and tope left of the last card). The  last card also shows the Maligne Lake ( bottom left) which is located in the Jasper National Park (the largest one in the Canadian Rockies) and the Columbia Icefield (top right) which lies in both the two parks mentioned. Many thanks to my friends Yi’s sister, Fan, Charity and Jeni for these gorgeous postcards and I appreciate them so much! Special thanks to Fan: the second postcard is unique, it was sent on 10 Jan, 2012 when Canada Post issued the special mini-sheet for the Chinese Lunar New Year of Dragon. Fan used the beautiful sheet and special cancellation to send the card, also with a very valuable autograph by the designer Mr. Louis Fishauf.

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