Sunday, January 12, 2014

World Heritage Sites in China (9) - Walk through "Historic Centre of Macau"

Few days ago, I visited the small city of Macau and walked through its historical center which has been a World Heritage Site designate by UNESCO. The historical center includes 22 monuments and 8 squares and I spent a whole day walking through one to another, from A-Ma Temple to Guia Fortress(and the lighthouse). Of course, it was only  a glance trip without enjoying any detail especially the history behind them.

This is a letter box on the hillside to Guia Fortress, I posted some postcards here. :)

 Ruins of St.Paul's is the landmark of Macau.

 I bought some postcards, among which I like very much "Macau World Heritage Collection" (you will see them below) and  "Eat around Macau".

 The most interesting thing is taking some similar photos before each monument. :) I am posting few here, those photos were taken at Dom Pedro V Theater, Mandarin's House, Lilau Square and St.Anthony's Church respectively.

 There are so many indicators in the crossroads to show you where is the next heritage site so you can walk without a map easily. Also there is an introduction board on the front side on each monument/square.

Now I am going to share with you the whole set of postcards shows most sites of the historical center also some other  related cards. Many of them have a special cachet on the backsides. The cachets are only available in each site (except the squares), unfortunately in some places the cachets are broken.

1. A-Ma Temple

2. Moorish Barracks

3. Lilau Square

 4. Mandarin's House

5. St. Lawrence's Church

6. St. Joseph's Seminary and Church

7. St. Augustine's Square

8. Dom Pedro V Theatre

9. Sir Robert Ho Tung Library

10. St. Augustine's Church

11. "Leal Senado" Building 

12. Senedo Square

13. Sam Kai Vui Kun Temple

14. Holy House of Mercy

15. Cathedral 

16. Lou Kau Mansion

17. St. Dominic's Church

8. Ruins of St. Paul's

19-20. Na Tcha Temple and Section of the Old City Walls

21. Mount Fortress

22. St. Anthony's Church

23. Casa Garden

 24. Protestant Cemetery

25. Guia Fortress (incorporating Guia Chapel and Guia Lighthouse)

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