Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wooden church at Hervartov, Slovakia

The Roman Catholic wooden church dedicated to Saint Francis of Assisi at Hervartov, Slovakia was built around the end of the 15th century. As the oldest and the best preserved surviving wooden church in the country, it has been included on the UNESCO Word Heritage List along with several others under title "Wooden Churches of the Slovak part of the Carpathian Mountain Area".
I would like to thank Nataša for this gorgeous postcard sent on my birthday as a surprising gift! Greatly indebted. :-) It shows both the exterior and the interior ( most valuable Gothic pictures and wall paintings) of the church. The stamps of the same church and Pope John Paul II are definitively well-selected to match the theme as well! Thank you again Nataša!
BTW, this article provides a good tour to the church.

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