Saturday, November 23, 2013

Country courtyard, Cyprus

A colorful postcard shows some “country style” views of the medieval villages in the Mount Troodos regions of Cyprus. Troodos is the largest mountain range of the country. Many thanks to Lena from Russia who sent me it when she had a trip there! 

From the left to the right on the postcard are: Village doorway in Laneia which is well known for the high quality of its grapes and wines; Village street in Lofou, which is built on a hill in Laneia; Inset and house front in Troodos.

The stamp is a commemorative one devoted to the 100 th Anniversary of the Cyprus Scouts Association (1913-2013). Oh the other hand, all mail dispatched out of Cyprus must carry the Refugee Fund stamp (current value €0,02 cents) in order to be posted officially.

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