Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kyz - Kumay

The man seems can't wait to kiss the woman while the woman looks shame but she has to accept the kiss because the man wins the horse racing. This interesting postcard shows a photo taken in the Kry - Kumay, a national game in Kyrgyzstan which is often refereed as "kissing game". From the introductions shown below provided by Wiki, you know the man is lucky, otherwise the woman may use her whip to beat him! :)

Kry - Kumay  is usually conducted as follows. A young man on horseback waits at a given place (the starting line). A young woman, also mounted, starts her horse galloping from a given distance behind the young man. When the young woman passes the young man, he may start his horse galloping. The two race towards a finish line some distance ahead. If the young man is able to catch up to the young woman before they reach the finish line, he may reach out to her and steal a kiss, which constitutes his victory. However, if the young man has not caught up to the young woman by the time they reach the finish line, the young woman turns around and chases the young man back to the starting line. If she is in range of the young man, she may use her whip to beat him, which signifies a victory for her.

Many thanks to Kam! Thank you for sharing with me the beautiful  landscape and unique culture  of your country! 

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