Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mantova - seeking for special postmarks

Firstly, I would like to thank Matty for this nice postcard of Mantova, which shows Castle of S.George of the Ducal Palace, symbol of this famous Renaissance city. Mantova and another nearby city Sabbioneta were together designated in the list of World Culture Heritages in 2008.
When I got this postcard for the first time I feel very disappointed because there was no postmarks on the stamps. Personally it is not so perfect. As I had have some successful experiences of requesting postmarks directly from foreign post offices, I decided to send the card back for cancellations. At the same, Matty told me there is a kind of special postmark offered in the philatelic counter in the main post office in Mantova. He is also kind enough to write for me some sentences in Italian because he said the lady there may not understand English. So I just printed his note and sent back together with the card then waiting. :) One month later, I found this card in my mail box again, this time with beautiful postmarks depict the tower of Ducal Palace, they match  the postcard very well! Thanks again to Matty and the lady who did the great job for me! :)
If you want the special postmark, just prepare your envelop/postcard to the address shown below. But please note that you should frank enough postage stamps for shipping! 

Poste Italiane / UP Mantova centro (UMI 6001) 
 Via Martiri di Belfiore, 15 
46100 Mantova,  ITALY