Saturday, September 14, 2013

Palace of Fontainebleau

Life is full with surprises, just like the moment when I found this postcard in my mailbox. It was sent by my friend Eric from Lyon when he had a trip in the beautiful town of Fontainebleau. Thank you very much Eric! :)

The Palace of Fontainebleau, although not so famous as the Versailles and the Louvre, impresses me most because it has a beautiful, poetic Chinese name - 枫丹白露. I am not able to explain the exactly meaning but it is just beautiful,and seems that it was translated by a famous Chinese writer. From the card, the Palace looks magnificent and I wish I could visit it in the future. I have also learned some background of it, very impressive too, it is the famous French King Francois I who introduced the Renaissance to France and transformed, enlarged and embellished the Palace. Of course, today's Palace have been influened by generation to generation. It was declared as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 1981.

I am specially grateful to the hand postmark, which shows that Eric went to the post office in Fontainebleau and got it for me. :)

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