Friday, August 30, 2013

World Heritage Sites in China (4) - My tour to the Summer Palace and its post office

I visited Beijing this February during the Chinese New Year holidays and spent most time in its World Heritage Sites. Now, I am going to share with you the Summer Palace and its post office.
It is said that it is not a good idea to visit this city in winter because the weather is very cold and dry, also the scenery is not so beautiful when compared to that of other seasons. But I was still shocked when I saw the frozen Kunming Lake in front of me- it is amazing! Maybe the Summer Palace has its unique features in different seasons. From the  photo below, you shall see parts of the Kunming Lake ,the Longevity Hill and the Tower of Buddhist Incense which is the highest building in the Summer Palace.

Actually at that day I only took a brief visit (about 2 hours) to this imperial garden, you may spend a whole day on it if you want to discover it in details. I also visited the nearby post office named after the Summer Palace. The post office offers 7 different pictorial postmarks feature some famous tourist attractions of the Palace so I would like to get them all to send my "matched" postcards prepared in advance!

Postcard-1 Marble Boat
Note: The first two scans are the front and back sides of the postcards, you can see the pictorial postmark shows it too. The third photo was taken by me - the Marble Boat in the  frozen lake (the following cases are the same, if any).

Postcard-2  Long Corridor

Postcard-3 The Seventeen-Arch Bridge

Postcard-4 Garden of Harmonious Interests (Xiequyuan)

Postcard-5 Jade Belt Bridge
Have you found this bridge in the third photo?  :D

Postcard-6 Tower of Buddhist Incense (Foxiangge)

Postcard-7 This is the only one case which the postcard and postmark are not matched. The card shows Suzhou Market Street (Suzhoujie) while the postmark shows Houhu Lake. I took a photo of the Suzhou Street too.


Last, China Post issued a set of stamps of the Summer Palace in 2008. The six stamps and one souvenir sheet exactly feature the same places as shown on the seven pictorial postmarks!


  1. Beautiful photos, postcards and stamps...wish I could visit it someday!! Thanks for sharing. :D

    1. I am glad you enjoy it! :)
      Welcome to China! Before you visit Beijing in the future, I will tell you where to buy nice postcards, stamps and great postmarks. :)