Friday, July 5, 2013

National Flag of Denmark

An interesting story behinds the card

My friend Jiayi , from China, is a very lucky man! He is the winner of the best stamp competition organized by Posta of Faroe Islands in 2012. As a reward, he is invited to Faroe Islands for a one-week trip. He arrived firstly in Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, and met our friend, Mr. Peter Gørtz-Christiansen. Peter is very friendly, he shown Jiayi around the city and then they had coffee together. This postcard was written together by them there! Jiayi wrote (in Chinese): “Copenhagen, sunny, 32 degree. I am drinking coffee with Peter”, while Peter wrote “Hi, Hu , Jiayi and I are having coffee, going to see the Little Mermaid”. I am very happy to receive such a valuable postcard which witnesses the friendship between postcard lovers from different countries! I enjoy postcard mostly from it.

By the way, Jiayi also sent me an amazing postcard from Faroe Islands , you can have a look here.

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