Saturday, July 6, 2013

A special card from Sovereign Military Order of Malta

About Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM), you may find the related information here. Historically a very famous Chivalric order, now its territories only includes two headquarters (the Palazzo Malta and Villa del Priorato di Malta) in Roma, Italy. Actually, SMOM is not an independent country, but as one of the "other entities having received a standing invitation to participate as observers" of United Nations, it issues its own passports, stamps and coins. With the aid of Italian Post, letters franked with stamps of SMOM can be sent internationally, but only 57countries are reachable according to their postal agreements. The special postcard shown above, with nice stamp and special postmark, was bought by my friend who visited SMOM last year. She thought to send me a postcard from there, but found it is impossible as SMOM and China are not postal-connected. However, I really enjoy this special gift ! Thank you so much, Wen!

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